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may, 2020

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Friday, MAY 8

The Moon continues to transit Scorpio until 3:16 AM EDT when it enters Sagittarius, sparking a desire to learn and discover. Its sextile to Saturn this morning is concrete and practical. However, we should watch for taking on too much or wasting energy with a semi-sextile between Mars and Jupiter active today. We might want very much to be productive but somehow go in circles, mainly because we may be overreaching until we settle on a plan and take things step by step. The morning’s Mercury-Chiron semi-square challenges us to communicate with more sensitivity. While this aspect can point to a tendency to doubt our perceptions, as the day advances, we head towards a Mercury-Pluto trine, exact tomorrow morning, that helps us discern and focus our minds.

The void Moon continues until the Moon enters Sagittarius today at 3:16 AM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Friday) EST




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