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may, 2021

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Friday, MAY 28

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Capricorn, and we’re a little more ambitious and practical than usual. The Moon’s trine to Uranus opens us up to new ways of getting the job done.

Mercury is heading into alignment with Venus in the sign of Gemini, and we’re inclined to analyze our feelings and ask/answer questions. It’s an excellent time to talk about or quantify our emotions and reach agreements or negotiate with others.

However, because Mercury is about to station and turn retrograde, some of the plans or decisions we make now may change later. This transit points to lighthearted conversations, sociability, humor, and cooperation. It’s a good time for socializing and communicating with ease. Mentally, we’re not as disciplined as usual, as we prefer to chat with others and think about pleasant things. We may be intellectualizing feelings. It’s a cooperative influence that stimulates our desire for harmony and balance so that we may not dig too deeply. There can be some superficiality or skimming the surface of things.


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