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may, 2020

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Friday, MAY 22

The Mercury-Venus alignment discussed yesterday perfects early today, and the focus is on analyzing and exploring our feelings and relationships. A Sun-Saturn trine occurs this morning, helping us with self-discipline and moderation. We can enjoy a real sense of strength and pride in our ability to meet our responsibilities. We are more aware of our limitations–and willing to accept them. Enjoyment of our duties, work, or obligations can be in focus now.

While this is a practical influence, it’s not the time to make big decisions since a New Moon occurs today, and we’re symbolically in the dark. As well, a Mercury-Neptune square obscures our vision. We’re subject to illusions, and wishful thinking can factor into our decisions. We may be without clear instructions or details, or we could find it challenging to follow or clearly communicate facts. However, the Sun-Saturn transit has a more extended influence going forward because it happens so close to the lunation, helping stabilize us in the coming weeks, even if we have some trouble making final decisions or conclusions.

The New Moon occurs today at 1:39 PM EDT in the sign of Gemini. This serves as a prompt to communicate and commute more effectively in the weeks ahead. It helps clear a path for new beginnings with learning, sharing, writing, speaking, and connecting. There can be a lot to process. We may need to adjust expectations, as we can see-saw between seeing too much and too little opportunity. Our conversations or thoughts can lead us in new directions, or there can be new paths for our projects in the coming weeks. We have a more vital interest in past relationships, connections, and endeavors, and coming to terms with these seems integral to our new beginnings.

The void Moon occurs from 4:01 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Gemini at 9:36 AM EDT.


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