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may, 2020

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Wednesday, MAY 20

With Mercury in a minor challenging aspect to Saturn this morning, we should watch for hypersensitivity, negative thinking, and criticism. It’s a somewhat beneficial influence for doing editing work and identifying flaws or fixing problems. The Taurus Moon (all day) is deliberate and constant. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and we value that which is predictable and reliable.

The Sun leaves the sign of Taurus today, however, and heads into Gemini for a stay until June 20th. Knowledge and diversity motivate us with the Sun in Gemini. We are more sociable, intellectual, and curious under this influence. We tend to scatter our energies as a result of this curiosity and awareness of all of our options. We are more communicative and versatile, although we can also be unreliable during this month-long cycle.

The Venus-Neptune square can bring us back to an old matter, and it can be challenging to understand a situation because our wishes tend to obscure things. This transit suggests some uncertainty with our feelings, affections, and attachments.


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