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may, 2017

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MAY 20

A Sun-Venus semi-square occurring early in the day extends a discontented theme from yesterday a little while longer – what we want to do and think we should do can be at odds now.

The Sun enters Gemini this afternoon, where it will transit until June 21st. Knowledge and diversity motivate us with the Sun in Gemini. We are more sociable, intellectual, and curious under this influence. We tend to scatter our energies as a result of this curiosity and awareness of all of our options. We are more communicative and versatile, but we can also be unreliable or unfocused.

The Moon is in Pisces all day, encouraging an intuitive, compassionate approach to the day. However, the Moon gets between an applying Mars-Saturn opposition that will occur exactly on the 29th. While this aspect is not officially in influence, we get a taste of it now as we can face blocks to expressing ourselves. We may feel limited or restricted from going after what we want. However, our workarounds to blockages can be creative and open our eyes to new options if we are patient.

A void of course Moon occurs from 11:40 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Saturn), until the Moon enters Aries tomorrow, Sunday, May 21st, at 6:12 AM EDT.


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