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may, 2021

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Friday, MAY 14

A Gemini Moon keeps things busy and moving until 9:31 PM EDT. We can be especially curious, spending more time than usual in our minds. The Moon in Gemini brings out the chatty in people, as well as a strong desire to keep things stimulating, even if that means hopping from one project to the next. We’re reasonable, logical, and communicative, and we seek contacts and activities that stimulate us and satisfy our need for diversity, variety, and knowledge.

At 9:31 PM, the Moon heads into soulful, protective Cancer. The Moon’s trine to Jupiter, which is newly in the sign of Pisces, boosts our feelings of joy and comfort with the world of emotions.

The void Moon occurs from 6:52 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Neptune), until the Moon enters Cancer at 9:31 PM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Friday) EDT




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