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may, 2020

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Thursday, MAY 14

The Last Quarter Moon occurs this morning with the Aquarius Moon’s square to the Sun, signaling a time to review and sort rather than push something new. Until the New Moon on the 22nd, it’s a better time to tie up loose ends, take inventory, and let go if necessary. We’re sorting out what does and doesn’t work for us.

Jupiter stations and turns retrograde today and will remain retrograde until September 12th. During this cycle, we tend to re-think our goals and plans in the areas of life affected by Jupiter’s transit. It’s a time of questioning what we thought we already knew and developing a new perspective on events and beliefs. Recognizing areas of excess or extravagance can help us. We may need to slow down specific endeavors if they’ve been moving too quickly, or this happens organically. Some enthusiasm may wane as certain realities of time and energy set in. With Jupiter stationary today, we are inclined toward a fair amount of longing and idealism.

The Moon continues to transit Aquarius until 9:25 PM EDT when it enters Pisces. We’re approaching a Sun-Pluto trine, exact early tomorrow but in influence today. While we should avoid big decision-making right now, this transit finds us exceptionally resourceful and efficient. It’s a strong time for gravitating towards things, people, and situations that help us to succeed or advance our goals. We might enjoy an opportunity to draw upon our past and to capitalize on our talents and resources. Strategy is successful, and leadership skills are active. Shared goals and interests connect us with others. The focus now is on eliminating negative or superficial elements in our lives and going forward with more conviction as a result.

The void Moon occurs from 10:04 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to the Sun), until the Moon enters Pisces at 9:25 PM EDT.


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