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may, 2017

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MAY 14

The Moon ends its transit of Sagittarius early in the day, at 1:39 AM EDT and spends the rest of the day in Capricorn. Under the influence of a Capricorn Moon, our sense of responsibility is stronger than usual, and we aim for efficiency in most areas of life. We seek to see the reality of a situation. With Mercury in minor challenging aspect to Neptune, however, we may struggle with our perceptions, which can be clouded by wishful thinking. We tend to favor daydreams or creative thinking more than dealing with facts and figures. It’s not an ideal time for formalizing agreements as we may not be paying close attention to details. However, a Mars-Pallas connection points to the courage and energy to back up our beliefs.

The Moon is void until 1:39 AM EDT, when it enters Capricorn.


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