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may, 2020

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Wednesday, MAY 13

Mars enters Pisces today and will transit the sign until June 27th. We are less motivated to pursue traditional goals and more driven by spiritual or emotional goals during this cycle. Our energy and output tend to vary, going up and down, depending on levels of inspiration. Going after what we want doesn’t always seem straightforward while Mars is in Pisces. We tend to avoid confrontation, and we take an intuitive approach to the pursuit of our desires. We may put others’ needs ahead of our own, and our more idealistic side comes to the fore.

Also today, Venus turns retrograde, and with many shifts occurring around now, it’s better to take our time with important decisions. Venus will remain retrograde until June 25th, staying in the sign of Gemini for the duration. This Venus retrograde cycle can bring us back to unresolved matters, mainly to do with relationships, finances, wants and needs, and values. We may wish to avoid significant new beginnings or decisions related to Venus-ruled endeavors, such as finances, partnership, romance, and pleasurable pursuits. However, it’s an excellent time to assess these matters. This is a cycle in which we review, re-evaluate, and re-assess our love life, personal finances, and the manner in which we receive, reveal, and express our affections. Thoughts turn to the past so that we can lay to rest unhealthy habits in these areas of life.

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Aquarius, forming few aspects. We’re fair-minded, inventive, and fixed or stubborn with this Moon transit.


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