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may, 2020

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Sunday, MAY 10

Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter this morning, boosting our confidence and faith. Through conversations, a positive outlook or hopefulness can emerge. We are seeking out a little extra meaning to our projects and experiences, and we can benefit from big-picture thinking. Our ideas are big, and our intentions noble. We might receive good news or offers now. Curiosity is stimulated.

Midday, the Sun and Neptune form a sextile, and this is another indication that we’re seeking inspiration. We have better access to our imagination and intuition. What feels like serendipity experienced now may have to do with a good sense of timing and a feeling of being in sync with the universe. We are generous and charitable with our time and energy. We can see people and situations from a perspective that embraces and finds beauty in our differences. Philanthropic acts can be rewarding. This is also a good time for self-improvement programs or efforts.

However, our judgment is challenged as the day advances. Saturn is about to station as it turns retrograde, and we head toward a Mercury-Mars square. This aspect is challenging on its own, but because both Mercury and Mars are soon changing signs, there is a sense of urgency that can trip us up. We can find ourselves too quickly in disagreement with others, most likely because we’re communicating ineffectively or impatiently. We may be competing for the floor when it comes to expressing our ideas, thoughts, and opinions, making it difficult to engage in healthy dialogue. We should watch for skipping too many steps.

The void Moon occurs from 2:12 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Mars), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 5:39 AM EDT.


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