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may, 2017

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MAY 10

The Sun in Taurus opposes the Moon in Scorpio at 5:44 PM EDT today. This Full Moon (Flower Moon) in the sign of Scorpio is supported by Pluto, reminding us of the need to consider others’ support, contribution, needs, wants, and input, and possibly forcing awareness of relationship imbalances. If we’ve been focusing too closely on material and comfort needs, we may need this push to embrace intangibles and spiritual growth. Discoveries made now may have a magical or private quality to them. This lunation occurs shortly after Mercury and Uranus have formed a conjunction, pointing to a rather sudden but also natural, positive, and illuminating discovery phase. This influence adds to the elements of surprise and revelation.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which began at the New Moon. It is an emotional time–a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity deals with the balance between all that is mine (Taurus) and all that is yours (Scorpio). It also emphasizes the concept of form (Taurus) versus transformation (Scorpio). Neglecting either end of the axis will surely backfire on us. Ideally, we find a balance between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do. Something has been building inside of us, likely of an intimate nature, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our lives. These new revelations are emotional ones, as emotions burst forth into our consciousness.

An upcoming Mars-Neptune challenge suggests some struggle seeing the reality of a situation, and it makes sense to hold off on major decision-making. The Moon is in Scorpio all day.

A void of course Moon occurs from 5:44 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to the Sun), until the Moon enters Sagittarius tomorrow, Thursday, May 11th, at 1:01 PM EDT.


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