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march, 2018

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Both Mercury and Venus enter the sign of Aries today. Mercury will transit Aries until May 13th, and during this cycle, we’re less concerned with objective viewpoints and explanations, and more concerned with reaching a decision…quickly! Our thoughts and ideas are pioneering, and we tend to speak more spontaneously and directly with the planet of communication in bold and assertive Aries. We want to be the first ones with the idea now.

Mercury usually spends about three weeks in a sign, but due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle (from March 22nd to April 15th), it’s spending over two months in Aries.

Venus in Aries until March 31st is bold, fresh, and a little impatient when it comes to matters of the heart. We don’t look back–we’re not interested in saying sorry or dwelling on the past. It’s a brand new day! Desires are strong and expressed spontaneously, enthusiastically, and directly. Tastes are simple, but we can feel the need to fulfill them urgently.

The Moon spends the day in Scorpio, harmonizing with the Sun in Pisces and promoting cooperation and confidence.


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