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march, 2020

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Friday, MARCH 27

Mercury forms a semi-square to Pluto this morning, and we should watch for the taking on of too many interests or activities. Exaggerating our importance or power, either to ourselves or others, is best avoided. This transit can generate some tension or mental distress and worry. We can be inclined toward obsessing over an issue that we can’t control. We’re somewhat skeptical or mistrustful under this influence. However, if we harness the energy and use it for good, we can develop strategies to get to the bottom of any matter.

As the day advances, Venus heads toward a trine to Jupiter, exact very early tomorrow. This transit generates friendly energy and stimulates our desire for the ideal, lifting our spirits. It helps to both soften and strengthen us. We are big-hearted, and our feelings are big, begging expression. Gestures tend to be thoughtful, and we’re particularly hopeful, cheerful, and cooperative. It can be a somewhat lazy or self-indulgent time. Our tolerance for rudeness or crassness decreases. We are especially open and trusting of others, expecting the best, and both integrity and loyalty are favored.

Tomorrow, Venus forms the same harmonious aspect with Pluto, making it a uniquely rich period for relating. The Moon spends the day in the sign of content, persevering Taurus.


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