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june, 2017

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The Moon continues its transit of Pisces until 1:55 PM EDT. While this may not be the most productive of days in a material sense, we might arrive at a new understanding of a problem or difficulty and open ourselves up to change and healing with the Moon in Pisces’s alignment with Chiron. This is a time for sharing, learning, healing, helping, and teaching.

The Last Quarter Moon occurring today, however, can point to some stress, ideally the kind that motivates us to resolve problems. After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week’s Full Moon, we disperse our knowledge and come to a point when we need to sort out what works for us–and what doesn’t. This is in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born once again. It’s not the best time to start a major project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes a descent into unconsciousness. It’s time to begin finishing up the details of that which was conceived at the last New Moon.

The Moon enters Aries at 1:55 PM, inspiring us to start fresh on an emotional level. 

A void of course Moon occurs from 7:33 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to the Sun), until the Moon enters Aries at 1:55 PM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Saturday)

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