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july, 2020

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Wednesday, JULY 8

The Mercury-Mars square perfects early today, and tensions can lead to speaking or acting prematurely. Mental agitation may stir up and release things we’ve bottled up, however. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 2:12 PM EDT, after which the Moon is in Pisces. With an Aquarius Moon, we seek intellectual stimulation, and we’re drawn to unusual or unconventional experiences. The Pisces Moon is compassionate, sensitive, giving, and perceptive at its best and avoidant when challenged. We approach others with more compassion than usual. It’s a good time for activities that help us detox, forgive, and heal or unwind.

The Moon continues its void period until 2:12 PM EDT when the Moon enters Pisces.


Overview of the Day (Wednesday) EDT




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