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july, 2017

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The Moon spends the day in Leo, and while we may be riding on the energy of yesterday’s New Moon in the sign, this morning’s Venus-Saturn opposition suggests some negative feedback or blockage can slow us down. Ideally, this is only enough to pace ourselves. We may feel criticized or unsatisfied. Financial limitations may make themselves known. Burdens of our debts or obligations to others are magnified. We may need to pay the piper, or if we’ve been overdoing pleasures, a reminder of our responsibilities comes now.

However, a Mercury-Uranus trine opens our minds to out of the ordinary possibilities. Original, creative ideas emerge. We might seek out thoughts, ideas, news, and conversations that lift us above small problems and free our thinking. Even so, a Mercury-Chiron quincunx is tricky and can make decisions hard to come by as we tend to doubt some of our perceptions or the effectiveness of our ability to solve problems. It can be difficult to read the intention behind the words used to communicate now, which can lead to misunderstandings.


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