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july, 2017

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This is an astrologically busy day. The Moon is in changeable, curious Gemini all day.

Mars enters Leo this morning and will stay in the sign until September 5th. Mars in Leo is proud, self-confident, and grand. We go after what we want in a direct, self-assured manner during this cycle, desiring dramatic results. We prefer not to worry about details, and take the least complicated route to our goals. Passion for life is high, and this theme will be reinforced further when the Sun also enters Leo on the 22nd.

A Venus-Pluto quincunx active today, however, points to the need to make adjustments or reassessments in our close relationships, with our finances, or our pursuit of pleasure and entertainment. Issues of power and control can arise. Fears of loss or betrayal could be at the heart of suspicions and doubts raised now, and we may feel awkward or uncertain about expressing our feelings.

The Sun forms a challenging square to Uranus and then moves towards a trine to Chiron. Changes made now seem out of character or abrupt. Disrupted routines and plans are likely, and while they can be unsettling at first, they can also help to stimulate the adoption of new approaches. Our strong desire for independence or to break the rules could impair our judgment, although we can be willing to learn from our mistakes or we might choose to adopt a more careful approach to making necessary changes now.


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