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january, 2018

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Venus, the Sun, and Pluto are heading to an alignment, exact very early tomorrow but in influence today. The Sun and Venus sextile Jupiter and Mars sextiles Pluto today, and this can be a time when talents are discovered, brought to life or put to good use. We’re both attracting and pursuing what/who we want in a balanced manner that’s highly successful. Our standards are high, and our goals are ambitious but also doable. We’re pouring a lot of ourselves (energy, passion, or resources) into our ventures or relationships now, and we’re seeking or gaining attention for it. We want to grow in our relationships, and our pride is quite heavily invested in our ability to relate well. The intensity in our feelings and relationships can lead to a turning point or the taking of constructive action. We may be unusually sociable, tolerant, and generous. This is a beautiful time for marketing, promotion, publishing, and advertising activities. We’re particularly good with money, and our business sense is excellent. We have a stronger understanding of economics and a keen sense of what to do and what not to do for maximum benefit. We want to gain more control of our lives, but we also want to grow, advance, and excel. This marks a turning point for relationships and businesses.

The Moon is in Libra all day and the Last Quarter Moon occurs at 5:26 PM EST, and we see things from a more mature or experienced perspective.


Overview of the Day (Monday)

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