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january, 2018

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The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 7:15 AM EST, after which the Moon is in Libra. With the Moon in charming Libra, we find the most emotional satisfaction when our interactions and environment are felt to be balanced and harmonious. Pleasing others is a theme now, making it a good time for negotiations and peace-making. Conflicts tend to be avoided or averted, or resolved in a diplomatic and fair manner. We are especially aware of the points of view of others and the opposite side of the coin, which can lead to indecision, however.

The Moon’s square to Saturn shortly before noon puts a damper on our spirits temporarily as we are reminded of all we need to accomplish. Even so, we’re moving into a very creative configuration as the Sun, Venus, and Pluto head towards a conjunction and form sextiles to Mars and Jupiter, and we’re likely to feel some of this from midday forward. We’re ambitious, proud, and ready to make improvements in our relationships.

The Moon ends its void period when it enters Libra at 7:15 AM EST.


Overview of the Day (Sunday)

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