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january, 2020

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Wednesday, JANUARY 22

The Moon enters Capricorn at the beginning of the day. The Moon in Capricorn is earthy, practical, and wise, and Capricorn’s particular wisdom is most apparent around the Moon’s alignment with Jupiter tonight. Our ability to plan for the future benefits us now.

The Sun is sextile Chiron and approaching a square to Uranus today, suggesting tension related to our will to perform, follow or uphold traditions, and achieve in contrast with our desire to express ourselves as individuals, authentically. The trick is to avoid overemphasizing the self or ego now as we recognize the need for change, growth, and improvement. A somewhat chaotic atmosphere may result, and it’s counterproductive. A better approach would be to identify areas that need to change and seek out a solution that isn’t so dramatic or abrupt that it works against us and our relationships. We should watch for being irresponsible in our rebellions, for example, and guard against temperamental behavior and decision-making. We are more inclined to act on a whim, and routines/plans are disrupted. These energies help to stimulate the adoption of new approaches. Fortunately, the Sun-Chiron connection increases our desire to learn and grow through our experiences.

The Moon ends its void when it enters Capricorn at 12:01 AM EST.


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