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january, 2020

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Friday, JANUARY 10

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Cancer today can thrust us into a state of heightened awareness of flaws in the structures of our lives, particularly in our homes and family structures. Decisions made now are emotionally-driven. There can be a sudden need or desire to connect with our families or our own hearts, particularly with the recent and tremendous focus on the outer structures, career or business matters, and social standing issues in our lives. Something is exposed or illuminated, prompting us to get in touch with those things in our personal lives that we may have been neglecting or putting off. Areas activated by the eclipse may see dramatic turns, after which the path is clear to move forward. Something comes to light now, and if we get in touch with our emotions, we can get a better idea of what needs to change, or what needs to go.

This happens on the day of a Sun-Mercury alignment, and the Sun and Mercury also form a minor square to Mars. These can stimulate an epiphany, illumination of a matter, or a clearing of the air. What we say or write now has a strong impact–for better or for worse! We may want to watch for intellectualizing issues that require more sensitivity, however. With both emotional and mental energy strong today, there can be some confusion. We could feel pressured to speak or act too soon.

Uranus stations as it turns direct after retrograde motion since August 11th, adding even more punch to the day’s energies. Uranus energy hangs heavy in the air this week, and related themes can dominate now. As the planet gains speed in the next few weeks, our urge to express our unique self, to take some chances or risks, to rebel, to listen to our instincts, and to stir up change are reawakened or turned outside of ourselves.

The Moon is void from 6:58 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Pluto), until the Moon enters Leo tomorrow, Saturday, January 11th, at 7:16 AM EST.


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