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january, 2018

31jan8:27 amFull Moon Lunar Eclipse - January 31, 2018in Leo8:27 am EST


The Moon is Full in Leo on January 31, 2018, at 8:27 AM EST. This full moon is a total Lunar Eclipse.

On Wednesday morning, a Full Moon occurs, when the Sun in Aquarius forms an opposition to the Moon in Leo. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time – a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.

This Full Moon is especially potent, as it is a Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses are relationship-oriented. The “crisis” that these eclipses tend to elicit is a crisis of lack – a time when we suddenly recognize a great need or want. The impact of the crisis can act to sever a relationship – it’s possible. But it can also bring two people together with a sudden awareness of a great need for each other. Although Lunar eclipses are more relationship-oriented than Solar eclipses, they are not always about relationships between two people. They can trigger awareness of need in other areas of our lives, such as our relationship to work, to our health and bodies, and so forth. This is a time when matters come to light – things that have been brewing under the surface.

This Lunar Eclipse presses us to look more closely at our needs, lacks, and wants in our lives. The Leo-Aquarius polarity deals with the balance between the personal (Leo) and the impersonal (Aquarius). The energy of Leo is creative self-expression and the boost to the individual ego that we receive through pleasure and romance, while Aquarius rules the group, more impersonal friendships, and objectivity. This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between romance and friendship, and between expressing ourselves in personal and impersonal ways.

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Full Moon in Leo Chart - January 31, 2018

Full Moon in Leo Chart – January 31, 2018


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