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february, 2020

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Monday, FEBRUARY 3

Mercury enters Pisces today, and during this cycle, our thinking processes are more visual, intuitive, and imaginative. We are especially attuned to the world of emotion, which colors both our thoughts and our communication style. We guess well, express ourselves with imagery, and make decisions intuitively. We are more attracted to consciousness-raising information. Mercury will transit Pisces until March 4th and then March 16-April 11. It’s staying in the sign longer than usual due to an upcoming retrograde cycle (Mercury will be retrograde from February 16-March 9).

Venus forms a sextile to Saturn today, which is strong energy for filling our commitments, particularly in our relationships. We feel stronger for it. We place a higher value on security, steadiness, and loyalty. This transit helps stabilize us and boosts the appeal of the ordinary and reliable. We appreciate longstanding alliances or tried-and-true pleasures. We are more responsible with others and with our own feelings and affections. Our judgment is sound, and we’re a little more conservative with money under this influence.

The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until 6:29 AM EST, after which the Moon transits communicative Gemini.

The void Moon occurs from 6:28 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Gemini at 6:29 AM EST.


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