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february, 2018

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A Venus-Mars square this morning can awaken many urges and desires, but these may only be whims or distractions. Even so, discomfort with the status quo can lead to highly creative workarounds and improvements. Disagreements are possible with differences and contrasts standing out more than usual. However, Mercury aligns with Neptune this morning as well, and while it may contribute to frustrations, there is also considerable potential for creative visualization. Our intuitive capacities are stimulated and possibly enhanced now, and we might apply these to everyday issues and problems. Conscious reasoning is distorted or enhanced by subconscious matter, depending on the application and how you look at it. It’s not the best energy for detail work or dealing with hard facts, but it’s useful for visualizing and imagining. Communications can be inspired and inspirational, fanciful, or vague and unclear, and possibly deceptive.

A Sun-Saturn sextile this afternoon helps ground us, or at the least, gives us a sense of rhythm and helps us pace ourselves. We are more able to discipline ourselves and put our egos aside to get the job done. This transit has the most wonderful potential to teach us that humbling ourselves to accept constructive criticism and advice — or to recognize areas that need strengthening — can be beneficial.


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