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february, 2018

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With both the Sun’s alignment with Juno in Aquarius and a semi-square between Venus and Pluto today, power dynamics in relationships are in sharp focus. We are taking pride in our relationships, and we may be putting forth extra effort to strengthen and support others, as well as to build trust. However, conceding may feel as if we are giving up something of ourselves. Underlying tensions in social interactions can surface today, and we’re inclined to look for ulterior motives or feel possessive. Manipulation can color relationships if we’re not careful today.

However, we move towards a Mercury-Uranus sextile that introduces some much-needed healthy detachment and objectivity. Talking things through can be very useful now. Bright ideas are surfacing. We’re breathing life into our projects. A Solar Eclipse occurs tomorrow night, making it appropriate to wind down and reflect today. The Moon spends all day in Aquarius.


Overview of the Day (Wednesday)

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