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february, 2021

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Friday, FEBRUARY 12

The Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius at 2:24 AM EST and enters Pisces. The Pisces Moon brings on a need to unwind, go with the flow, or accept and forgive. Breaking the routine is appealing and refreshing.

Retrograde Mercury is moving toward alignment with Venus, exact early tomorrow, and we’re inclined to analyze feelings or relationships, particularly past ones. We tend to chat, socialize, and flatter when Mercury and Venus meet, and with Mercury retrograde, we tend to look back and clarify feelings or connections. We’re inclined to intellectualize emotions and affections.

This is a cooperative influence that stimulates our desire for harmony and balance, and as a result, we may not dig too deeply. Mentally, we’re not as disciplined as usual, preferring to chat with others and think about pleasant things. It’s a friendly time, but it’s also a time for looking back at old issues in a new, although possibly glossed-over, way. Whether or not glossing over is helpful is the question — some things belong in the past. Indeed, our ideas feel new and exciting, even if we are recycling old perspectives.

The Moon continues its void period until 2:24 AM EST when the Moon enters Pisces.


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