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december, 2019

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Sunday, DECEMBER 8

We are looking for–and finding–the best in people with Venus sextile Neptune today. We’re especially attuned to the worlds of beauty and romance, and we tend to approach one another more gently than usual with this transit. A magical time on a romantic and social level is possible now, as we are inclined to see spiritual dimensions of our relationships and to approach others with increased compassion. This influence encourages us to open up and embrace loving feelings. It also detaches us just enough from our feelings that we’re less possessive.

While it’s a good day for making connections, a Jupiter-Chiron square occurs now, and we may be struggling with what to believe. It can be a time when we are hungry for meaning and understanding, but it can be challenging to express ideas that truly reflect our core. We could feel alone in our opinions, visions, or plans for the future. It’s vital to look within and come to a greater understanding of what we truly need or believe, rather than blindly following something that doesn’t truly serve our purpose. New ventures may require a closer look before pushing forward. The Moon ends its transit at 2:30 AM when it enters Taurus. The Taurus Moon is content, comfortable, and sensual.

The void Moon ends when the Moon enters Taurus today at 2:30 AM EST.


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