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december, 2019

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Friday, DECEMBER 6

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Aries, stimulating our pioneering instincts. It’s a fiery, sometimes impatient, and decisive position of the Moon. We seek a fresh start now, and we’re quick to let go of the past–we want to start fresh or come first. Energy is forward-looking. We want immediate results, and if the effect we make is not exciting enough right away, we might quickly drop a project or plan for another one. We may feel particularly energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic in the hours surrounding the Moon’s trine to the Sagittarius Sun when we can enjoy increased clarity derived from a feeling that what we want and what we need are in harmony. We are more able to cooperate with others under this influence. With Venus and Vesta heading toward a trine, there’s good energy for solidifying or strengthening a relationship or commitment.


Overview of the Day (Friday) EST



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