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december, 2020

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Sunday, DECEMBER 13

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Sagittarius and is enthusiastic and idealistic. We’re optimistic and forward-looking with this transit. Mercury forms its square to Neptune this morning, and we can find it challenging to follow or clearly communicate facts, directions, and instructions. Perceptions may be confused or overly idealistic, influenced strongly by wishful thinking and imagination. We may be dealing with deception or self-deception, and it can be difficult to be discriminating. Our minds open to many different possibilities and options, however.

The Sun forms a sesquiquadrate with Uranus this morning, suggesting an urge for action, but we may not know where to begin or where to go with our intentions just for now. Unexpected changes in plans or events can test our patience, but they might also bring on new approaches, leading to useful, instructive, or interesting detours. Nevertheless, this is the day before a Solar Eclipse, making it a good idea to wind down.


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