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august, 2017

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Retrograde Mercury retreats into the sign of Leo today and will remain in the sign until September 9th, after turning direct on September 5th. We may be especially distracted during the retrograde period. When Mercury is in Leo, we are more expressive, even theatrical, convincing, and persuasive, as we exude confidence when we speak or write. During the retrograde in Leo, we can be learning (or relearning) what we love doing, looking back to analyze past romantic relationships or creative projects, and preparing, rehearsing, and redoing scenarios before expressing them. We may be reviewing or reassessing our attitudes or decisions related to romance, creative projects, entertainment, children, and leisure until the 5th.

The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius until 4:19 AM EDT, after which it transits practical Capricorn. This is a more serious transit of the Moon, and a Venus-Saturn aspect active today furthers this theme. We’re taking our relationships, interactions, exchanges, and pleasures more seriously with this influence, and perhaps taking this too far to the point that we feel awkward or emotionally distant. We’re not feeling especially natural, and our social confidence can decrease now. We might be seeing the less flattering side of people or relationships. Small obstacles or hurdles require patience.

We’re also moving towards a Mars-Chiron quincunx, exact early tomorrow. We might doubt the effectiveness of our efforts to go after what we want under this influence, which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior, defensiveness, or frustration.

A void of course Moon occurs from 12:43 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Uranus), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 4:19 AM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Thursday)

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