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august, 2017

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The Moon ends its transit of Pisces and its lengthy void period at 1:23 AM EDT when it enters Aries. The Aries Moon is initiating, enterprising, and action-oriented. However, we may need to put up with some ambiguity now.

A long-term aspect — Uranus semi-square Neptune —perfects today. This influence will be with us until 2019, perfecting five times (this is the first of the set). This is a time when we can feel particularly inspired, although we may feel restless if our dreams are no longer fulfilling us or keeping us hopeful. Watch for speculative ventures and whims, as well as unusual tangents that may not last.

We move towards a trine between Venus and Neptune, exact early into tomorrow but influencing today. We are more sensitive to others’ needs and wants, and especially desirous of harmony, love, beauty, and balance. We are generous, compassionate, open, and vulnerable. We prioritize spiritual and emotional concerns over material ones at this time. This influence opens up our senses and stimulates our compassion. We are more attuned to the world of beauty, the arts, and the imagination. We see the very best in people now, and this eases our interactions and takes the pressure off in personal relationships. A Neptune-Ceres trine is also in effect, and we may be seeking idyllic emotional support or family conditions now. We’re more inclined to offer help and emotional support to loved ones.

The Moon ends its void period when it enters Aries at 1:23 AM EDT.


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