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august, 2017

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A sextile between Mercury and Venus this morning is conciliatory and diplomatic. Promises and clarifications may be made in love relationships, although they may be revisited later.

Also active later morning is a Mars-Neptune quincunx, which can have an initial effect of undercutting our confidence about taking action or asserting ourselves. However, it’s a time for recognizing our spiritual or emotional needs if we have a sense that our plans are running counter to our dreams or ideals and making adjustments before pushing forward. It’s simply a reminder to slow down and tune into our intuition.

A Sun-Jupiter sextile stimulates hopefulness and generosity. This is a time for engaging with others in happy ways and enjoying opportunities for doing so. Confidence comes from a stronger sense of who we are and the principles we represent. Some form of recognition or distinction is possible now. We can grasp the “big picture” which expands our perspective.

The Moon continues its transit of Pisces all day.

A void of course Moon occurs from 9:39 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Saturn), until the Moon enters Aries tomorrow, Friday, August 11th, at 1:23 AM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Thursday)

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