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april, 2020

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Sunday, APRIL 5

The Moon spends the day in the practical workhorse sign of Virgo. We generally seek to bring more order to our lives and to be of service or help to others under this influence. However, the Virgo Moon forms no major aspects to the major planets after the early day, and it can feel rather undirected or in limbo.

As well, we’re heading towards a minor challenge with a Mars-Neptune semisquare occurring very early tomorrow and influencing today. As such, we can feel a bit winded now, and this feels more dramatic after yesterday’s motivating and grounding influences. However, it’s temporary. Seeing holes or losing some confidence in our plans, desires, and pursuits can be more of a symptom of the need for a bit of inspiration or a well-deserved break than it is a sign that the plans are lacking. Of course, if there are flaws, adjustments may be necessary. Otherwise, we may need to rest or recuperate before pressing forward.


Overview of the Day (Sunday) EST




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