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april, 2020

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Tuesday, APRIL 14

The Sun-Pluto square perfects this morning, and trusting in others (or in life/the process) can be difficult. This aspect is reliable for identifying areas of over-attachment, but we may find it difficult to let go and unwind while it’s active. It’s essential to avoid trying to force matters that should naturally take time to unfold. We should also watch for a bit of paranoia or suspicion that works against us. Positively, circumstances now can push us to discover our own power — power that comes from a strong sense of self rather than superficial energy derived from manipulating people into doing what we want them to do. It’s best to aim for self-control now.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs today, and with the Sun square Pluto and about to square Jupiter, there can be a challenge or struggle as we attempt to make mature choices. We may be clashing with those in authority, or we’re frustrated as our sense of responsibility and of the right/mature path conflicts with our personal plans. Fortunately, Mercury aligns with Chiron, exact shortly into the day tomorrow, and while revelations can be messy, this influence opens us up to learning and healing. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Capricorn.

The void Moon occurs from 7:48 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Aquarius tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th, at 3:38 AM EDT.


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