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Monthly Horoscopes - January 2013

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Horoscope Quickies Jan'13


January 2013 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are overview horoscopes for an upcoming month, written by Annie. For our detailed January monthly horoscopes, see Monthly Horoscopes from January 1.


Notes/Overview: In January 2013, a New Moon occurs on the 11th at 21 Capricorn. A Full Moon occurs on January 26th in the sign of Leo. On the 30th, Jupiter turns direct.



You greet the New Year with confidence and imagination, dear Aries. January should be a busy month for business and work; at the same time, socializing and romance also figure prominently. Love matters are mostly easy and amiable. Especially after the 11th, you are raring to go professionally, and perfectly willing to make a complete overhaul if it means greater success down the road. Some of you could be leading a group or rallying for an important cause. Certainly, it's easy for you to get quite fired up about issues close to your heart this month. Your feelings about friends can also be more intense in January. New ideas are abundant, but not always supported by people around you. The last week of the month can bring a flurry of activity surrounding a child, creative project, or romance.



You begin the New Year with broad vision and enthusiasm, dear Taurus. January is a good month for travel and exploration, but career or reputation matters can get tricky at times. Some of you are up for a promotion or raise, and others might have big plans for using their savings account for purchasing something prestigious, or something that you've wanted for a very long time. If you've been considering taking a trip or brushing up your knowledge with a course, this is a favorable month in which to solidify your plans. Your flavor for adventure runs high, but career matters also grab your attention. Strong days for just about anything -interviews, applying for loans, launching new projects, etc. - occur on the 15-18. You are hard to resist at this time. It's also a good time for making a commitment or meeting someone special. The last week of the month might involve some conflicts with a partner, parent, or other family members. It may be difficult to gain support.



January is a time for moving out of your comfort zone, dear Gemini, and creating new experiences for yourself. The year ahead is another strong one for you, and you have much to look forward to. For now, while Jupiter continues to retrograde in your sign, you are laying important groundwork for future endeavors. Fortunately, Jupiter is linking up quite nicely with planets in your adventure sector, offering you support. Plans might be made now for travel, education, or other forms of exploration. New Year's resolutions to kick a bad habit make a lot of sense this month, when your mind is focused on self-improvement and self-mastery skills. Partnership matters continue to figure strongly this month. A relationship can reach a new level of understanding on the 15-18. Physical energy can be on the low side this month, but emotional energy and enthusiasm run high. You're in a planning and dreaming stage, gathering inspiration wherever you can find it.



Relationships take center stage this month, dear Cancer, and you might naturally put your personal plans on the back burner in order to tend to others. There can be a lot of negotiating, discussing, and compromising going on with a special person in your life. Close partnerships are a focal point for much of your attention, and a sense of stability comes from productive conversation and communications with others. The 11-17 is a time for attracting or enhancing a partnership, or for some of you, making a commitment. Certainly, you are not very interested in doing things halfway right now! You are especially aware of the power dynamics of your relationships, and you can be a little demanding or provocative as a result. Money matters can be subject to some dispute. Be willing to compromise and to make a fresh start with others, but if you truly feel short-changed, stand up for your needs and desires. This can be an excellent month for getting the kind of feedback you really need to make important changes, particularly about your career.



The New Year begins with the Moon in your sign, dear Leo, and you are feeling confident. January is very often a month of reorganization, work, and special attention to health regimes for you. While this year is no exception, it's a more pleasant phase this year. Work, diet, and other daily routines are still in focus, and you're taking charge, particularly around the 11-17. There is a strong sense that you are on top of the "little things" in your life. Group activities and friendships can be very rewarding this month. This is a strong month for creating balance in your work and home environments, as well as in your interactions with loved ones. Negotiating is especially favored from the 19th forward, when you are most open to considering others' points of view. Before that date, however, relationships can be over-stimulating at times. The last week of the month are influential for earning respect, mending fences, and signing contracts, but do remember that emotions run especially high with the Full Moon in your sign on the 26th. While you may not be getting exactly what you want, the results are still quite positive.



January is one of the strongest periods of the year for your powers of attraction, dear Virgo. This is a time when showing the rest of the world that you know how to have fun increases your influence and confidence. Don't be shy to flaunt your stuff now. The 11-17 is especially strong for creative, romantic, and recreational activities. You can be quite successful at what you enjoy doing right now. Getting your life, including your career, on track continues to be a strong theme, but you are able to find a healthy balance between work and play right now, although by the 19th, the tendency to put in far too many hours working can upset the balance.Do take advantage of your increased motivation and energy for work and health routines, but remember that overdoing it will set you back, and if you don't heed this warning, events around the 26th might conspire to enforce some rest. The last week of January can involve some uncomfortable news or the revealing of previous misconceptions.



You begin the New Year very much tied up with family and domestic concerns, dear Libra. While these matters are strong most of the month, they're up front and center until the 19th. A transformation of sorts in your personal life is in the works this year, and the stage is being set in January. Some insecurities can certainly surface now, but you're in a good position to take charge and manage your relationships, particularly from the 11th forward, and with greatest power and influence on the 17th. Release some of the pent-up frustration. A close relationship intensifies or begins around the 15-17. This can also be a good time for home-related purchases or gifts. Romance can really heat up this month. While you should watch for impatience with love interests, this is a good time to have the courage to pursue who and what you want. News of a trip or an adventure in the near future can figure strongly in January. From the 19th forward, confidence builds and you are more willing to share yourself and your ideas.



Errands, paperwork, learning, social contact, and short trips are bound to keep you on your toes this month, dear Scorpio. A burst of energy and confidence is with you around the 11th. Apply it to a constructive pursuit and focus on one important endeavor rather than scattering your energy. Sometimes less is more! There are plenty of opportunities to hone your mental skills this month, and for some of you, the meeting of a significant someone can occur around the 15-17, either through school, short trips, siblings, or neighbors. For others, an important conversation or commitment can occur. Romance is about meeting of the minds right now. All month, you can experience a lot of energy centering around the home or with family. You might be redecorating or reorganizing, or you could be receiving many visitors. Channel this energy constructively instead of letting it turn into restlessness or conflict. By the 19th, you're feeling more content to surround yourself with familiar people and situations.



Until the 9th, dear Sagittarius, all eyes seem to be on you. Friends are in your corner, and you are especially affectionate and generous. People are generous with you as well! After the 9th, love is more about practicality, comfort, and security. Feelings settle and you consider ways to make your life more comfortable. From the 11-17, you possess the wherewithal to monetize a creative project. Personal finances figure prominently. You have the chance to improve your financial position, either by stabilizing cash flow or finding new ways to make money altogether. Learning, communicating, and connecting are all big themes this month - you are super motivated in these areas - but you should watch for haste with these things as well. While you can make a lot of headway quickly, there can be some errors or things you overlook if it's done with haste. Choose your words wisely as well - you can speak as quickly as you think, and this can sometimes lead to problems!




January should be a strong month for personal popularity and influence, as well as getting personal initiatives off the ground, dear Capricorn. It's also a good time for resolving sticky problems from the past. You have a lot working for you. The first week of the month is strong for financial initiatives and ideas. New beginnings and resolutions, while traditionally made on the 1st, are best saved for around the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th. Intellectually you are in top form, and problem solving is especially favored. You are especially magnetic and persuasive on the 15-17. You are willing to work especially hard for security, and you are also quick to defend your values. You'll be getting a lot of attention, sometimes unexpected, in the first three weeks of the month, after which you tend to settle quite nicely into usual routines.




The year begins with vigor for you, dear Aquarius. While there is part of you that prefers being in the background or under the radar in the first three weeks of January, you are raring to go when it comes to moving ahead personal plans. With Mars in your sign all month, your temper can be quick and some restlessness is possible if you don't find healthy outlets for excess energy. Be active but avoid haste. Any important matter that requires people skills and verbal prowess is better saved for after the 20th, when you are especially convincing and more confident. A project or investment that you may have given up on could surprise you with some movement and possible returns. Love is complicated, private, and intense this month. A partnership can demand your attention around the 26th.



The year begins on a high note, with doors opening for you pretty much everywhere you look, dear Pisces. January should be good for making appointments, networking, going on interviews, and enjoying group activities. A new friendship or a new lease on an existing one may be in the cards from the 11-16th. This is a very strong period for bonding with people with similar interests or perspectives. You can find yourself in high demand mid-month, but by the 19th, you are ready for extra time to yourself for rest and recuperation after a busy period. Complications surrounding work or travel plans can arise in the last week of the month. Be especially vigilant about taking breaks and rest periods all through January. Major decision making should probably be saved for next month.




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