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Used & Hard to Find New Astrology Books


Used, New, and Out of Print Astrology Books 

Some of the best astrology books are now out of print and hard to find, but with the internet, not quite so rare. When building an astrology book collection, used astrology books are an economical choice. There are a number of choices available for finding used, new, and out-of-print astrology books online, and we show you some of these sources:

This online book store has a small collection of especially inexpensive astrology books. Some of the astrology books available:

The Twelve Houses Overview:
Your astrological birthchart is a map which can guide you to true self-knowledge. Everyone born on a given day will have the same planets in the same signs, but planetary placements in the houses depend on a more individual factor - the exact place and time of your birth. This is the definitive guide to the 12 houses giving you your most accurate and personal reading.

Reduced to only $6.99 US

The Astrology of Time Overview:
A groundbreaking book that takes a distinctive look at the nature of time itself, The Astrology of Time explores the inherent energy of each season, month, week, and day and how that energy can influence situations as well as individuals.

Reduced to only $5.49 US

Creative Stars Overview:
Armed with nothing more than your date of birth, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips about your creativity, its voice, its themes, and its expression. Going sign-by-sign, the author jump-starts the dormant muse by giving readers their characteristic traits, drawing on personal anecdotes and the biographies and works of famous creators along the way.

Reduced to only $1.39 USD

Buy NEW BOOKS at 50-90% off at

A nice selection of astrology (and other new age) books at reduced prices. Discount New Age Books online book store offers some books for intermediate and advanced students of astrology as well as beginners' and casual astrology books.


For some great deals and the opportunity to find a wide range of books, new and used and many out of print or hard-to-find, there's eBay. If you are not already a member, it is free to join and Paypal makes it easy to pay for items with your credit card, debit card, and more. eBay features both auctions and "Buy It Now" items, so that people who prefer not to bid on items are accommodated as well: offers a large selection of new astrology books, as well as Marketplace offers. On each new book listing page, there are offers for copies of the same book in used and new condition from various marketplace sources.

Browse All Astrology Books for Purchase at Amazon

A good place on the net to find a wide selection of new, used, and out of print Astrology books is the web site of the famous Powell's Books stores.  If you have a specific book in mind, search for a title using the search box below:



See our very own Astrology Bookshelf at Powell's! We have created a bookshelf of favorite books at Powell's.

To go directly to the Astrology Section of the site, where you'll find new, used, and out-of-print books all in one place, follow this link:

Astrology Books (New, Used, Rare, Out of Print)

There are many Astrology books that are currently out of print, but that are extremely useful for students of Astrology and professionals alike. Powell's Books, located in Portland, Oregon, has a number of physical stores and warehouses, and Powell's City of Books is truly a landmark -- a massive building filled with bookshelves that stock both new and used books alongside each other. Powell's online selection is equally as awesome. This is the site to go when you are looking for Astrology books on a large variety of topics, in new or used condition, and for rare and out-of-print titles.

Remember, too, that Powell's Books online offers free shipping on book orders over $50 US.

Powell's Books is also an excellent place to find new and used books on a variety of topics. We love their vast selection of books in the Metaphysics section. For example:

Tarot and Fortunes Books (New, Used, Rare, Out of Print)

Palmistry Books (New, Used, Rare, Out of Print)

Numerology Books (New, Used, Rare, Out of Print)

Graphology Books (New, Used, Rare, Out of Print)

Auras & Chakras Books (New, Used, Rare, Out of Print)


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