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Horoscopes, Year 2013: Summary of the year ahead for each zodiac sign.

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2013 Horoscopes Overview


2013 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are short overview horoscopes for the year 2013. For our detailed Yearly Horoscopes, see our 2013 Yearly Horoscopes, 2013 Preview Horoscopes, and 2012 Love Horoscopes.




Uranus continues to stir the pot for you in 2013, dear Aries, but especially so for those born March 25 to April 2nd, whose Sun receives the conjunction. This is a time for releasing attachments that are preventing you from moving forward. Watch for rebellious behavior, but do make changes that move you forward, past limitations, and towards a more authentic "you". Saturn has left its opposition to Aries, and this takes some of the direct pressure off your lives. Jupiter has moved into a harmonious relationship with your sign in the first half of the year, and is helping to open the lines of communication in your life. In the second half of 2013, although Jupiter will square your sign, this planet of abundance will nevertheless feed your sense of security and stability, and many Aries will find this transit comforting, particularly given all of the changes that have been taking place in your lives. There will be times when you will need to slow yourself down and choose your battles wisely, particularly in May and October-November. Heavyweight planets are directly affecting the sectors of your chart that rule how the world views you, both professionally and personally. You continue to move away from false paths that no longer serve you well, or transforming them into more suitable ones. Overall, however, you have plenty of opportunity this year to find comfort at home or with family. In fact, this is a year in which the major key to success is learning when it's time to slow down. Impulsiveness, while it's a signature Aries trait, should be tamed somewhat in 2013. Planning more carefully for your future is important, particularly with finances on the leaner side (there may be less support from others, for example). Save as much as possible. Good energy is with you for dealing with debt. Love and romance are unlikely to make headlines for you this year (2014 is more likely to be a year of change in this department), The desire to move to a larger home or to create the illusion of more space by eliminating clutter is strong in the second half of the year. If circumstances allow, this can be a good time to launch new projects or even a business. Many of you would prefer not to travel in 2013. Relationships with siblings and possibly neighbors can be stimulating and even healing, and activities close to home (and on or in the home) are very appealing now.



2013, for the most part, should be a stabilizing period for you, dear Taurus, and for some, a humbling time. From June 2011 to June 2012, Taurus enjoyed a particularly abundant, expansive period while Jupiter travelled through your sign. In 2013, Saturn asks Taurus to pare down after a period of some excesses, particularly if a bloated ego or too-high expectations were involved. Now it's time for a reality check and a maturing process. Fortunately, many Taureans are also experiencing planetary support at the same time, from Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, and from June to December, Jupiter. Yes, Saturn opposing your sign will bring some challenges, but overall, you're in good shape this year. It's not especially well-known about Taurus, but they take their social lives to heart - their relationships not only with a close partner, but also with siblings, neighbors, and friends. 2013 is a year for enriching all of these relationships, even if some "pruning" may be in order. While partnerships can demand more time and energy, or a  more serious approach, you are nevertheless building up your sense of community and belonging this year. A partner or sibling might help you to realize a long-term dream, business, or project. You will need to take a good, hard look at where you stand in your close personal relationships, and in terms of your life path. There will be times when you feel that others are not as sympathetic towards you than they normally are. It's time to assess what and who is most important and worthwhile to you.  With your acceptance that at this time in your life, things may move at a slower speed, you can make a lot of progress. It's only when you push too hard, too fast, that you encounter serious resistance this year. This period in your life is a time for building a solid foundation. Understand that moderation at this point in your life is necessary for your spiritual growth and your physical body as well. Some of you will be making big commitments this year, and others might end a long-term relationship - it will depend very greatly on how strong any existing relationship is. Finances are looking quite nice this year, as long as you are moderate with your spending. Friendships are colorful. More day-to-day contact with friends and family, and even in-laws, can be healing and pleasurable.




Jupiter continues to move through your sign until June, dear Gemini, and if you haven't taken advantage of this beneficial cycle yet, Jupiter's direct motion from February to June is a great time to do so. It's about positive new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, and expressing yourself without apology. Be proud of who you are. This is also a good time to attract a partner, or enhance an existing partnership. Besides putting yourself "out there" and expressing yourself with confidence, one of the best things you can do for yourself in 2013 is to fine-tune your work, health, and daily routines. You are in need of more structure when it comes to these things, and while it involves effort and persistence, you'll thank yourself for doing it. Orderliness will be empowering, and paying closer attention to deadlines, details, and rules will help tidy up your own mind and emotions so that you feel freer to enjoy yourself when pleasure calls, which it is likely to do frequently! The second half of the year brings a stronger need to feel rooted, secure, and comfortable. If you've played your cards right, a raise, bonus, large gift, or some other material increase can come into your life. Even if material benefits are not obvious during Jupiter's transit of your solar second house (from late June 2013 to July 2014), it can be a time of indulgence and abundance. It's a great time to build on existing projects and businesses. In August, however, you may need to deal with the reality of debts, loss of some form of support, or some power struggles over money or possessions. There can be some slowdowns in business or work this year, likely centered around Mercury retrograde periods, but changes you are making put you in a great position for future, long-term growth. Many Geminis will be starting or growing businesses this year that will benefit them for years to come. This will not come without hard work and persistence, but you are likely to enjoy the process more if you work on those things that really matter in the long term. Love relationships look strong this year. While in many ways this is a "me" year, the "we" part is likely to run quite smoothly. However, one or more friendships may be tested this year, with changing values and lack of support the larger issues. 2013 is potentially excellent for putting a bad habit behind you, and health is likely to improve as a result.




While there are some ongoing conflicts to iron out in 2013, overall, it's a stabilizing, positive year for you, dear Cancer. Until June, Jupiter continues to move through your solar twelfth house, and you pay more attention to your spiritual life as well as your need for privacy. You can be especially supportive of others during this period, sometimes to an extreme extent. At times as well, you might feel like escaping into your own little private world, where it seems safer and happier. In a general sense, with Jupiter in your privacy sector, you don't feel especially equipped to make big changes or choices. By June, you are ready to ask for what you deserve. This is when Jupiter begins its year-long transit of your own sign. In August especially, this can cause some friction, possibly because others, especially partners and close friends as well as family, have grown accustomed to your "laying low" and the support you've given them with few conditions. However, overall, this is a positive transit in which you are coming into your own, discovering your need to express yourself, and drawing upon inner stores of confidence. Freedom is something you seek, but be wary of the costs of freedom when it's pursued without necessary attention to responsibilities. This is a good period for attention to physical fitness and health routines, as you are more aware of how these positively impact your energy and confidence. Work may be especially available to you at this time, and you tend to take charge instead of hide from its responsibilities. Love is likely to be complicated, as you begin to demand a little more from it. You may be dealing with difficult personalities, and if you're single, you might feel a lack. However, for many of you, a romance might stabilize and move to a new level. For those with children, the need for more structure becomes apparent, particularly with a first child who may be going through some growing pains. Career continues to be a sort of wild card for you. Either you are moving towards identifying with a new path, or some changes are introduced upon you, forcing you to rethink things. Even so, you feel successful, particularly in the second half of the year, and you bring a positive spirit to many areas of life, including career. 2013 is about blossoming and demanding a little more from your life, and you're likely to get it.




Until June, and especially from February forward, it's a time for making connections and formulating new ideas, dear Leo. Your social circle is expanding, although you might want to watch for excesses in this area. While the saying goes that you can never have too many friends, you don't want to spread yourself thin. Similarly, avoid beginning so many new projects that you scatter yourself across them. Friends can be supportive, and, for some Leos, romance is tied with friendship or group associations. Your team spirit is very strong now, and you might make wonderful contributions to a group or with associates that you can truly feel proud of. When it comes to home and family, in 2013, you can feel that the walls are closing in on you at times. There can be a feeling of heaviness when it comes to your responsibilities or you literally feel cramped in your personal space. There can also be a sense that you are alone and in charge, emotionally speaking. However, you have the chance to restructure your domestic life by bringing more order to it. Jupiter's entry into the sign behind yours in late June can be considered a retreat of sorts - a year-long cycle that prepares you for Jupiter's transit through your own sign starting in July 2014. You come into closer touch with your spiritual and emotional renewal needs now, and you might find that you're doing a lot for others, usually quite voluntarily. Large decisions may be deferred to a later date. While there can be times that you feel "in limbo", you can choose to take full advantage of this period for extra rest, and for learning to love your privacy and "alone time" with yourself. In fact, you might very well enjoy your own company! Love becomes private somehow during this period. You might be keeping quiet about a relationship or about your feelings, or you could be making some sacrifices for someone you love. You might also be dealing with an ending of a relationship that is no longer viable. You are becoming especially tolerant and compassionate now. Daily habits and routines are transforming again this year, and you have many opportunities to make important changes. Don't pass up on travel opportunities and connections made with people overseas or of a vastly different culture than yours. These experiences can be eye-opening and beneficial.






Particularly from February to June, you are likely to enjoy some form of promotion, positive exposure, or career recognition, dear Virgo. You are learning to "own" what you do in 2013, and feeling more comfortable in a position of authority. You are also communicating with more authority, or honing your knowledge in a particular trade or area of knowledge/expertise. However, some people in your life might complain that you are not as available for idle chit-chat during this time. You are taking more pride in your home and family. The second half of the year brings a new focus, and it's a time when your social life increases. Through groups or friends, you might seek a sense of belonging and comfort, and you're likely to find it! This is also a time for new and exciting ideas for future growth and happiness. You are entertaining dreams of where you'd like to go with your life, and while it was your professional life that you were more interested in in the first half of 2013, you are more concerned with personal happiness, ideals, and long-term goals in the second half. There can be a cause that you work towards enthusiastically, possibly related to family. Business income is likely to be strong. However, money from another source, possibly a partner, ex-partner, or lender may be unreliable this year, so there can be some worries about money. Love relationships might be complicated at times, as you explore alternative options, but overall, they're likely to be considerably more stable this year. For some of you, the second half of the year can involve a friendship morphing into something more, but for most of you, patience and a sense of peace with what you have or what you want is with you now. Single Virgos are not as anxious, preferring to wait for something that truly feels right, rather than settle for something that doesn't, and coupled Virgos feel more content this year. Teaming up with others can figure strongly in 2013, and can bring some real benefits to your life. You are working harder this year at communicating more effectively and building your level of expertise. You are dissatisfied with sloppy learning or holes in your thinking and want to refine your skills and knowledge. You might meet people who inspire you and motivate you to be the best you can be, simply because they see the best in you.








2013 should be a strong year for work and business, dear Libra. In the first half of the year, you are actively building your skills and experience. By midyear, expansive Jupiter's rise to the very top of your solar chart marks a personal peak of sorts - a cycle that's with you for approximately a year. Take advantage of the cycle from January to June by learning as much as possible so that when Jupiter does reach its peak in June-July, you'll be able to take advantage of the career opportunities that are likely to come your way. You'll also feel more deserving of the recognition you receive then and through to mid-2014. There can be favorable connections made with people far away from you, and some Libras will get published or reach a broader audience. Saturn's presence in your money and values sector can promote a feeling that you're pinched in the money department, but this can serve to motivate you to work harder and save more - two good things! In the second half of the year, you'll have Jupiter telling you that you deserve more and that you should reach for the stars; and you'll have Saturn reminding you that you have to "get real" and consider important details. Luckily, these planets harmonize with each other much of the year, and this helps you to find a very nice balance. You are also bringing more imagination to the work you do, and your intuition can serve you very well. There will be times this year when you need to consciously push yourself to go after what you want. In the process, try your best to avoid worrying about coming across as "nice" and "good". You are these things - you don't need to prove it. You don't want to miss out on opportunities to advance out of fear of losing others' approval. Love continues to challenge you this year by forcing you out of your comfort zone from time to time, and particularly in May and October-November. Mid-March to mid-April can bring surprising circumstances to your relationships. Don't fall back on familiar patterns now - they won't work. Mix things up and think outside of the box. However, if others are slipping in and out of your life and you feel taken advantage of, do stand your ground. You are likely to invest more heavily into home and family in 2013, and some of you will be running home-related businesses or will be working from home. You are cautious with your money, and this is necessary right now.




There is no doubt that Saturn's presence in your sign all year puts some pressure on you, dear Scorpio. 2013 may be demanding at times. Nevertheless, it's also bound to be very rewarding. In many ways, you are learning to count on yourself, and your relationship with yourself of course affects all life "departments" in profound ways. The responsibilities that you have let slide in the past now are coming up for close attention, and while it can sometimes feel like an onslaught, you are more than equipped to meet the challenges. Keep in mind that those things that you've managed well in the past are now being rewarded. Saturn is karmic in nature - you are experiencing what you are due at this point in time. Saturn and your ruler are in mutual reception throughout Saturn's transit of your sign, and this can be wonderfully supportive. You may very well enjoy the process as you can feel that you're getting your life back on track. The process of getting closer to your true self will involve some restructuring of your attitudes and thinking processes. The ways you communicate with others are being overhauled, refined, and redefined. You actually have much power to persuade, lead, and defend. While in a general sense your best source of support this year is yourself, Jupiter is helping you out until June by way of some financial and/or emotional support from others, and especially from a partner or close friend. Intimacy is improved. Combining your own resources, talents, and/or money with a partner can improve your own financial outlook. The second half of the year is especially growth-oriented in more explicit, tangible ways. If you get the chance to travel, you should take it, as benefits can come through long-distance experiences and people. Creatively speaking, while your general demeanor may be on the serious side, you are discovering highly unique and creative ways of expressing yourself. You are looking for more from love - it's increasingly about intimacy as well as mystical or romantic elements. You are attracting unusual, sometimes elusive or mysterious, people into your experience. Romantic and creative opportunities soar in February and March. Money matters are mostly strong in 2013. Avoid carelessness or neglect when it comes to daily routines and health. There may be a tendency to ignore your body's needs for adequate rest, exercise, or nutrition this year, and you should be especially mindful of these things in August.





While close relationships are in strong focus this year, Sagittarians in 2013 tend to be a little more private and introspective than usual. You might meet somebody who deepens your intimate life in wonderful ways, opening you up to new ways of expressing yourself intimately; or those of you who are already attached might deepen their relationship similarly. New depths (and heights) can be experienced now and add to your inner glow. Love matters should be quite strong this year, with significant partnerships a great focus. Partnerships fare better than more casual love relationships, the latter being a bit of a wild card in your life right now, as it was last year. Single Sagittarians can be meeting some exciting and unusual people, but permanency is in question. People may come and go, or your own tastes may vacillate. Money matters are significantly improved compared to recent years. Even so, you may be downsizing with personal possessions and going through restructuring, possibly putting some business projects to rest. You can be very resourceful when it comes to recycling or using what you already own in different ways. The sale of some possessions can figure strongly, or you might find unique products to sell and market. Creative Sagittarians are breaking out of ruts and exploring highly unique or alternative art forms. Many of you are exploring new hobbies or different forms of recreation and entertainment. Dreams may be troubling at times, as some of you could be wrestling with guilt or lack of closure when it comes to matters of the past. It will be of enormous benefit if you can settle these matters, because if they are left to fester, they can undermine your progress. Financial support in the form of loans or shared resources tends to be easier to come by in the second half of the year, but it will be important to watch your borrowing habits. Many of you are thinking about your dream home or idyllic domestic conditions, and your chances of turning at least some of your dreams into a reality are strong, particularly in July. There can be good publicity this year, and your ability to meet others halfway (and often further) tends to open up social possibilities and opportunities. You are generous by nature with your ruling planet expansive Jupiter. With Jupiter moving through two sectors of your chart associated with partners and close friends, you are directing much of this generosity to significant others. Enjoy yourself as you do, but watch for overblown expectations or promises that may be hard to keep at a later date.






2013 brings a fuller social life to your world, dear Capricorn.  When it comes to friendships, networking, and group associations, it's about quality and depth rather than quantity, as this area of your life is being streamlined. You also have a chance to restructure your long-term goals, as you are more discriminating and realistic about what you are capable of achieving. There is less pressure to prove yourself or to perform this year, and more joy in plugging away at what you do best. In the first half of the year, watch that you don't overload your life with additional responsibilities. Work should be quite available to you. While relationships continue to challenge you, especially with family, 2013 is a year in which you are reminded at almost every turn just how much you need others. All year, acquaintances and friends tend to support you. Jupiter's presence in your opposing sign (Cancer) from June 25th forward is likely to bring helpful, happy people into your experience, and for some of you, a partner who truly makes you feel good about yourself. Existing partnerships can bring joy as well. Especially in August, however, you will need to allow others more freedom by backing off from controlling or manipulative behavior. Experience your own freedom by giving up some of the need to control events and people. With Pluto in your sign, this can be difficult, as you are learning about your personal power, sometimes through challenging life lessons and experiences. Pluto will have the greatest impact on Caps born December 31-January 2, who will be taking a deep look within as they uncover facets of their personality that they haven't yet accepted or even acknowledged, and this can be uncomfortable at times. With the North Node in your solar eleventh house, it's especially important for you to establish yourself as a team player. Home life remains a little unsettled, and some of you can feel that your current set-up is impermanent. There can be some shuffling around, redecorating, a move, or experiences with family that leave you feeling uprooted in some way, particularly in April-May and October-November. Certainly, you can be putting more money into your family and home life this year. Overall health may be improved, communications are rewarding (you're finding your voice!), and alliances are formed or strengthened in 2013.




Not everyone knows this about your sign, dear Aquarius, but people born under this sign and those with an Aquarius Ascendant really take their career, income, and service to others to heart. They need to feel good on a deep level about what they do in order to feel good about themselves. In 2013, you will dig deep into true motives and feelings about practical matters, and you have the chance to come to a harmonious position or stance. While the steps you take may not be giant or quick, you can be making significant changes as you come to a better understanding of what it is you can and want to do in your work. You'll also discover some of your most natural talents and put them to work for you. The focus now is on really enjoying what you do. Although work can bring joy, it can also bring some challenges. Discriminate carefully when it comes to taking on new work or projects. There can be some feelings of blockage before you move forward. Circumstances will conspire to remind you of the importance of structure, responsibility, and reputation in your life. It's time to realign your goals with what's inside. Many of you will be making changes so that your career path better reflects the principles closest to your heart. But 2013 is certainly not all about work, especially in the first half of the year, when you find new avenues for entertainment and self-expression open up to you. Early February and late May are especially strong for fun and games, and also for romance. August can be busy with revelations and epiphanies for close relationships, but it can also be a time when you are tempted to overload yourself with work, so do your best to strike a good balance. Also, take extra care of your health in August. All year, you are making big changes in terms of growing past stubborn attitudes and beliefs, communicating more openly and frequently, and changing deeply ingrained habits and systems of doing things. There can be times when private or past matters come to light and, while it may feel uncomfortable at first, it can also help release you from the past. You are redefining your attitude towards money and possessions this year. While others may not always notice your struggles or rush to your aid this year with Saturn in challenging aspect to your sign, you nevertheless have some good energy with you to express yourself creatively and originally, and your personal magnetism runs high.



The year 2013 is stronger for relationships of all kinds, and especially love and "fun" friendships, dear Pisces. You're also a lot more grounded and confident. Ideally, you use the transit of Jupiter to your solar fourth that began in June of last year and ends in June of this year to the utmost - filling your inner well and strengthening ties with family. This way, by the second half of 2013, you can bring more natural confidence to a new cycle that involves exploring your more playful, dramatic, and creative side. It's a great year for home improvements of all kinds. Again this year, however, finances can be up and down. However, with Saturn no longer leaning up your secondary financial sector, you're in a slightly better position now with a better outlook for money sources beyond your personal income, including bonuses, a partner's contribution, and loans. It's your own income that requires some change. When it comes to money, you are challenged to think outside the box in order to come up with viable plans to improve your finances. Love is easier this year - considerably so. Serious relationships are less strained. Intimacy challenges lift. Romantic, playful, and casual relationships in the second half of 2013 can be easy to find (possibly a little too easy at times!). New avenues for recreation, amusement, creative expression, and hobbies can open up. This is a good year for stabilizing and organizing many areas of your life. The first week of February is an opportunity period that can involve partnership and financial gain. It's also strong for work in teams and for cementing friendships, although there can be rocky times with some friends or groups that you're associated with. Your values are changing, and they sometimes seem in stark contrast to those of friends. You are looking for solid answers and adjusting your belief system in major ways. Events might occur that have you thinking more deeply about your beliefs and morals. You can assume a leadership or teaching role this year quite naturally. You are able to talk about spiritual matters in an accessible way. In fact, throughout 2013, others can be quite intrigued with your unique vision.



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